Karo lifestyle @ PMQ 9th October – 6th November 2014  卡羅生活方式@ PMQ ,2014年10月9日至11月6日

Karo lifestyle @ PMQ 9th October – 6th November 2014 卡羅生活方式@ PMQ ,2014年10月9日至11月6日

Karo Lifestyle @ PMQ, is a chance to showcase not only my personal design aesthetic but also furniture and products that I think fit in with that clean aesthetic. Having recently relocated back to Hong Kong, the natural evolution for kzdesigns — the interior design company I set up in 1997 — is to present the work of exciting local creatives as well as introducing
my overseas design partners to the Hong Kong public.

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KARO Lifestyle @ PMQKARO Lifestyle @ PMQKARO Lifestyle @ PMQ

KARO Lifestyle @ PMQKARO Lifestyle @ PMQ

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Like any good design, Karo Lifestyle @ PMQ, is all about collaboration; it’s about finding other creative people you work well with, it’s about teamwork and it’s about showcasing that creativity to the best advantage.

The 5th floor space at PMQ will be designed as a modern and minimalist
2-room apartment that will illustrate how to be creative with small spaces and play with textures to add layers of sensuality in a monochromatic setting. No house would be complete without artwork or quirky elements and this is what Karo Lifestyle @ PMQ offers — and the best thing is most things are for sale throughout the month!

With the emphasis on ‘Lifestyle’, I am also planning a series of interactive events:

  1. October will see the launch of a fabulous new paint range – Karo Lifestyle Collection with 513 Paintshop
  2. The launch of a fun and versatile ‘pod’ bed in collaboration with Slack.Lifestyle
  3. A design competiton with Insight School of Interior Design Hong Kong
  4. Flower arranging classes with Felice Flower Design Studio
  5. Weekly wine tasting evenings with Limestone
  6. Interactive lunches, afternoon teas, talks and musical evenings

卡羅生活方式@ PMQ不僅展示我個人的設計美感,更包括我認為吻合簡潔美感的家具及產品。kzdesigns最近剛剛遷回香港,這是一個自然演變。這家室內設計公司是我於1997年成立 – 主要展示令人興奮的本土創意, 並引入我的海外設計夥伴,讓香港公眾認識。

卡羅生活方式@ PMQ像任何優秀的設計,都是關於合作, 它是關於尋找其他創意人士,並與他們通力合作,它是關於展示創造力的最佳優勢。

PMQ在5樓的空間將設計成一個現代簡約的兩房公寓,說明在小空間如何發揮創意, 在單色設置當中怎樣玩味質感, 添加感觀享受。沒有藝術作品或古怪元素的房子是不完整的,這就是卡羅生活@ PMQ所提供的 – 更令人欣喜的, 是大部份作品在整個月都減價發售!

強調“生活格調” ,我還策劃了一系列的互動活動:
1,十月份將推出一個驚人的新繪畫作品系列 – 卡羅生活格調精品習與513繪畫作品

2, 與Slack.Lifestyle協同推出一款有趣和多變的“豆莢”床


4,與Limestone 合辦每週品酒之夜



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