The Zen Den — Space to Move

With the design of the Zen Den, I wanted to challenge the way we perceive and consume space. If it is true that our living spaces define us, then the Zen Den shows that the owner is at once a discerning individual and also a complex personality. He is not afraid of contemplative spaces yet is also at ease surrounding himself with works of art – whether this art is an iconic piece of furniture, the latest audio-visual equipment, sculptures or paintings.

Bed and bathThe Zen Den, with its overlapping ceiling, floor to ceiling retractable windows and independent ‘pods’, is a new way of looking at space and takes home automation to new highs – or, in this case ,‘lows’ – with the individual platforms descending by hydraulics to the storage floor below.

Open spaceEffectively built on two levels, with a pool and terrace extending into the natural landscape, the lower level, however, is only used to store the pods and the full height windows. The floors retract to allow the pods to rise up. Materials are kept to a minimum so the carefully selected interior design pieces have a voice of their own.

TerraceTerraceTerraceOn first entering the house, we see a serene, white space with its ‘Bodice Rocker’ recliner and sole sculpture. This room is a symbol of how we can rationalise space and allow that space to breathe by utilising only what we need at any given time – the bedroom, bathroom, sitting area, ‘games room’, dining area – complete with a chef’s station – and bar area are used when they are needed.

LibraryAt the simple push of a button, my client can introduce new living areas into his life with all the gadgets and equipment he needs to entertain his friends. Computer systems integrate the home automation as well as operating the hydraulics.

EntertainmentWhen the windows are retracted, the interiors are fully integrated into the shark pool below. Individual floating platforms feature dining areas, bars, a putting green and state of the art telescopes for stargazing.

TerraceTerraceThe Zen Den might be of the future but it is definitely rooted in the now.

The furniture featured here is from MAXALTO by Dentro (HK), Splinterworks (UK), Everything Under The Sun (HK), Fortuny, (Italy) Asiatique Collections (Singapore) Ibid. Gallery (UK), Art On Gallery (Singapore), Bang & Olufsen (HK).

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